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After all these years... Cameras and computers are still my friend.

Imperial Pools Inc. - Custom Backyard Pool in Decatur, IL. I was commissioned to do a lil drone piloting and video editing for commercial purposes.  It has been quite a while since I have done any commercial work outside of companies owned and worked at by friends...  But, I still have those skills I learned almost 20 years ago. ;) At this point... You have probably already watched the video above... But, if not, check it out and let me know your thoughts. The video shown here is the "short" version, but I personally think it will be the one that gets the most activity.   As always, feel free to get in touch with me directly if you have questions or have project ideas of your own.  I am here to help! For Your own custom pool, give Imperial Pools Inc. a holler! They do amazing work and transform your outdoor living areas into something great.

Experimenting with Custom HTML/CSS/JS/PHP Framework, Security, and more...

Recently, I have decided to change the way I have been developing custom websites for clients.  In the past, I had always started with a basic wireframe CSS file that had my basic layout included in it.  All of the HTML, JS, PHP, ect was written from scratch in order to have the leanest, most efficient code possible.  Efficiency is very important to me, as is delivering the content in the fastest and most secure ways that I am capable of.  My old method often afforded me the ability to crank out a small custom site < 10 pages in around 2 days, 3 max.  With that level of speed in production, there isn't much need for the Wordpress and other CMS systems the world has to offer... Nor even the CSS or JS libraries.  Nothing I have built has "needed" any of those buzzword technologies, and has all been achievable using base languages whilst meeting every client deadline given to me. But, all of that is not what I am here to talk about...  Just the backstory that brings u