Experimenting with Custom HTML/CSS/JS/PHP Framework, Security, and more...

Recently, I have decided to change the way I have been developing custom websites for clients.  In the past, I had always started with a basic wireframe CSS file that had my basic layout included in it.  All of the HTML, JS, PHP, ect was written from scratch in order to have the leanest, most efficient code possible.  Efficiency is very important to me, as is delivering the content in the fastest and most secure ways that I am capable of.  My old method often afforded me the ability to crank out a small custom site < 10 pages in around 2 days, 3 max.  With that level of speed in production, there isn't much need for the Wordpress and other CMS systems the world has to offer... Nor even the CSS or JS libraries.  Nothing I have built has "needed" any of those buzzword technologies, and has all been achievable using base languages whilst meeting every client deadline given to me.

But, all of that is not what I am here to talk about...  Just the backstory that brings us where we are today.

Over the course of the past year, I have been focusing on Linux server technologies as well as implementation of hardened, modern security for servers and websites hosted within.  Due to the extra complexity and time necessary to pull off nearly perfect delivery speeds as well as rock solid security, I have had to rethink my HTML, CSS, JS, & PHP development tactics.  Servers and their websites are a perfect partnership when setup correctly.  Most of the time, you will have a pre configured server environment, and zero ways of securing the site content without knowing server tech and crossing paths with the terminal console.  This lack of knowledge leads to poor performing, bloated, and potentially insecure web content for your customers.  This is bad, and it is literally the norm collectively across the internet!

So, I have been building my own CSS, JS, & PHP framework over the past year to build all of my sites with moving forward.  So far, the framework has begun to save a bit of time and effort as well as bring some familiarity to websites that are nothing alike in terms of the code (has also cost me some time too).  Although typically I am against frameworks as those default styles that may never get used just add to load times and don't do visitors any favors.  However, with some extra tools, those extra styles can be stripped out...  But, the less steps we can take to bring the most productive and performance driven results...  the better.  While I am not entirely happy with some of the performance hits my framework has taken due to being a lil bit larger than a fully custom site would be...  I have still been able to achieve near perfect performance with my new framework in terms of page speed, security, and SEO.  With that framework, and my custom developed linux environment...  I am able to serve websites at a rate of which most big time providers cannot achieve unless you pay top dollar.  And, I do it all from a residential internet connection while maintaining rock solid security. Impressive?  Not really...  Just incredibly hard work and a lot of time, research, and development hours which are typically unnoticed and behind the scenes.  But, I am here to help you with the knowledge I have aquired...  If anybody is interested in learning a bit more about my processes, feel free to give me a shout using the contact form on my website: https://benkress.com

Be on the lookout for my completed, custom framework in the near future.  

I will be building/hacking it together seemingly forever.  Just like a great painting, a great code base is never finished.  With all of the moving parts here, even one system change or browser update could send you back to the drawing board temporarily.  Careful planning and usage has helped me avoid most major events before they occur, but that also requires keeping busy and staying on top of it.  Come hell or high water, I am here to deliver my absolute best. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions...  also feel free to check out the latest site the framework has built... Voracious Vinyls

Thanks for visiting!!


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