Voracious Vinyls :: Raudi Project

Swarty, Jared, & myself had a bit of a fun with the photo/video shoot this weekend.  I took several great shots of the car as well as got some great rolling video footage (WATCH THE VIDEO). You may remember this car as being purple, but... Swarty is a vinyl wrap installation expert and has done a lil something to his ride for halloween.  Can you figure out whose car he dressed up as??

Feel free to reach out to Swarty to give him the answer.  I'm sure he would get a kick out of it.  Also, while you are doing that, ask him about what he does and what he can do to help customize your ride.

New Site (Under Construction):

For Web/Design/Photographic Services, give me a holler.


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    Thanks for sharing. Also checkout Nulls Royale.

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